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Beach Day or Pool Day at Seagrove Beach on 30A

Posted on Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Pool Days on 30A

Seagrove Beach on 30A is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Visit 30A to find powder white sand that squeaks between your toes and emerald waters that sparkle in the sun. Spending the day with the breathtaking views that these beaches offer will be the highlight of your trip. However, coming off the sand to your own private pool is the icing on the cake!

Why we love the beach!

Along with beautiful views, the beach offers a variety of activities such as volleyball, surfing, and stand-up paddle boarding. There’s something calming about walking barefoot in the sand. Before you know it, you’ve strolled down the waters edge for miles. The sounds of the waves crashing against the shore are soothing, and you’ll never catch a more beautiful sunset then one that settles over the Gulf of Mexico!

Why we love the pool!

You can’t beat the privacy of a pool. Relax on a float with no fear of a big wave knocking you off or no worries of seaweed finding its way in your swimsuit. Drinks and snacks are convenient to get to, and you can play your favorite tunes without disrupting others. The pool definitely has its place for a laid-back summer vacation.

Why we love both!

There’s nothing like spending time at the beach. Saltwater is good for the soul, and playing in the sand brings out the kid in all of us. Walking off the beach, rinsing off the sand, and taking a dip in the pool is so refreshing. Hanging out with family and friends floating around in the pool with a cocktail … now that’s what I call the perfect way to end a beach day!

There are a variety of Seagrove Beach Vacation Rentals that offer beach and pool access. With so many options, why settle for one? Enjoy a beach day and pool day during your summer getaway on 30A.