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Planning Your 30A Super Bowl Party

Posted on Thursday, January 4, 2018

Super Bowl Party Ideas

The only good thing about this cold weather is that it means it’s football season and the Super Bowl is right around the corner. Four weeks from now, we will watch two teams play to win the 52nd Super Bowl in Minneapolis. Super Bowl parties can be a big deal and you may have already started planning yours. Even if your favorite team isn’t playing, fun with friends and great food is always a good plan. Here are some popular Super Bowl party ideas you can try this year:

While we are used to the usual wings and chili on Super Bowl day, there is plenty of time to get creative before your party. We found quite a selection of Football Party Ideas and are sharing some of our favorites. These Nutter Butter Referees stood out as a delicious and unique idea and we plan on making these this year. Every game needs some refs! If you have referees, you need penalty flags. This doesn’t even need preparation, just put some yellow napkins in a bowl and you have Napkin Penalty Flags. Why haven’t we thought of this before?

If you want a simple way to represent the teams that are playing by their colors, these Popcorn and M&M combos by Two Sisters Crafting are perfect. With a few ingredients to make your snacks even tastier, and the M&Ms of your team’s (or both team) colors, this is a great treat everyone will love. They also have recipes to make Rice Krispie Bites for your team. 

These are some cool ideas for hosting a party at your own 30A condo. There are plenty of spacious vacation rentals to accommodate your whole crew of football fans. If you would rather go out, you have several options. Watch the big game at the popular Hub 30A on multiple screens and a 25’ Jumbotron. There are many food options including pizza, hot dogs, and ice cream at Mr. Freeze. There is even lots of room for kids to run around while you see who wins this year. The new Shunk Gulley also has multiple TVs, great food, and a gorgeous Gulf View. You could enjoy pizza and pasta at Amici 30A Italian Kitchen and stay warm by the fires.  

Wherever you end up, if you’re on the beautiful Gulf Coast, you can’t go wrong. The views will be stunning no matter who wins the Super Bowl. We are thankful for that.