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Seagrove Beach – A Photographer’s Dream

Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

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The scenery along the Gulf Coast is something straight out of the movies. Or a Nicholas Sparks book. Beautiful blue skies white with huge, puffy white clouds, tall palm trees swaying in the wind, pelicans flying in a giant V across the horizon, and warm Florida sunshine blankets your skin. We haven’t even gotten to the beaches. The Florida Panhandle has some of the top beaches and it’s obvious why. The soft, sugar white sand and emerald green water makes you think you’re on a tropical vacation out in the Caribbean. Sure, any beach can be a nice place to take photos but this area is pretty special. Whether you’re a professional photographer, it’s just a fun hobby, or you need the perfect place for family pictures, Seagrove Beach is the ideal location.

We do have miles of pristine beaches that attract people from around the world but that’s not all Seagrove Beach has to offer. Its charming neighborhoods boast lush oak trees, magnolias, and pine trees. It actually got its name from the thick grove of windswept oak trees along the beach. It’s one of the oldest beach communities on 30A. Capturing a stunning sunset over the water is one of the most popular vacation mementos. Purple and pink hues fade into vibrant orange and reds as day turns to night.

Two coastal dune lakes, Eastern Lake and Deer Lake, are found here, which are a rare natural phenomena that only occur in a few locations around the world. There are 15 total named coastal dune lakes in South Walton and are said to be as much as 10,000 years old. Get a close-up experience by taking a kayak or paddleboard out on the lakes.

Seaside is the neighboring town which is famous for being where The Truman Show was filmed. This picturesque community exudes charm and has everything from airstream vendors and a tiny neighborhood post office to a record store and upscale galleries. Every part of Seaside is visually appealing including pastel houses, picket fences, and the beautiful chapel which is the tallest building in town. 

If you’re a foodie and photographing eclectic dishes is your specialty, stop by Café 30A. This highly acclaimed restaurant provides an elegant, yet relaxing ambiance with an exceptional menu. You can also try 723 Whiskey Bravo that boasts a rooftop bar and upscale dining.

When traveling to the coast, there are a number of luxury 30A rentals and gulf-front vacation homes to choose from. Pack your camera (or book a photographer), and keep your eyes wide open. These gorgeous beaches offer unmatched beauty and you won’t want to miss a thing.