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5 Tips for Staying Active over the Holidays on 30A

Posted on Saturday, September 30, 2017

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Summer is over and the holidays are right around the corner. October’s candy, November’s sweet potato pie and December’s egg nog is just waiting to sabotage the beach ready physique you worked so hard on at the beginning of the year. On 30A, beach season is all year long so here are 5 tips for staying active over the holidays. 

#1 Stick to a Schedule

You will have a lot going on in the next few months. Costumes, parties, family and gift finding in addition to your daily routine. It may be tempting to put exercise on the back burner. That’s why it’s important to schedule time to exercise at least 4 times a week. You’ll have success when exercise becomes more of a routine and less of an option. 

#2 Start Early

Working out first thing in the morning is a great way to start your day. It will wake up your mind and body leaving you energized. Plus you don’t have to worry about anything getting in the way. Whether your paddle boarding on the gulf or a morning run down the beaches of 30A, you’ll feel great about getting that early start. 

#3 Partner Up

Exercise can be so much more enjoyable with a partner. Ask a friend to join you on your work outs. You can meet up at the gym or power walk on the beach. With the both of you encouraging each other, you’ll be more likely to stick to it! 

#4 Join a Club

With a town as social as South Walton, there’s a variety of clubs that participate in your favorite activities. Running clubs, paddle boarding clubs, health clubs and tennis clubs just to name a few, are easy to join with activities scheduled throughout the week. Staying active with others who love what you love will keep you motivated. 

#5 Hire a Trainer

It is said that accountability is the glue that ties commitment to results. Hiring a trainer and being accountable to them is a great way to stay in shape. They will not only hold you to your commitment but get you to your goals safely and effectively.

You can enjoy the holidays without losing your shape. Whether you’re a South Walton resident or vacationing in a 30a Rental, there are plenty of activities to keep you moving throughout the season!