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5 Questions to Ask Before Booking Your 30A Rental

Posted on Friday, July 28, 2017

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With so many beautiful beach homes, villas and condos on 30A most vacationers are choosing to stay in a vacation rental rather than a hotel. These accommodations offer lower rates, roomier living space and full kitchens which cuts down on the expense of the vacation. With all these benefits however, rental policies vary and can turn into a big headache if booking with the wrong company. Here’s the top 5 questions to ask your vacation rental company before you book! 

What is the cancellation policy?

With all the added amenities of a vacation rental it’s easy to understand why the cancellation policy may be stricter than a hotel. Make sure you are aware of the policy before booking. Does the vacation rental company offer travel insurance to recover your funds in case of an emergency? Sometimes it’s worth spending a little extra for peace of mind and the option to re-book if needed. 

How do I check-in?

Most vacation rental companies have an office that you can check-in at. However, unlike hotels they may hold regular business hours. Make sure you have a plan “B” or contact information for the person you’re renting from in case you run into unexpected delays and have to check-in after hours.  

What is the transportation and parking situation?

Is public transportation accessible to your vacation rental? How many vehicles can be accommodated? You’ll find that many 30a rentals are within walking or biking distance from restaurants, shops and the beach. Just steps away from all your vacation needs. 

What amenities are available?

Most hotels offer standard amenities such as a blow dryer, iron and ironing board, TV, cable and WIFI. However, vacation rental amenities can vary. Where a television and cable are almost always included, you may inquire about additional items. Ask what type of amenities are offered. Do they have a coffee pot? Do they have beach towels? This type of information before you pack can be quite helpful.

Are there any perks?

It doesn’t hurt to ask. After all, everyone loves perks! Is there a community pool or private beach access? How about a beach chair and umbrella service or complimentary fitness club passes?  Finding out ahead of time can save you time and money! 

This is the beach vacation you’ve been waiting for! Don’t be blind sighted by unwanted surprises. Choose a vacation company that you can trust. Garrett Realty Services, Inc. will answer all of your questions to insure a successful getaway!