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Keeping our Beaches Clean and Safe

Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2017

Destin Birds

The Emerald Coast has some of the top beaches in the world. Our soft, sugar white sand and clear blue-green water attract thousands all year and some of us just can’t stay away. But this popular vacation spot doesn’t just stay this gorgeous by chance. Everyone can help in keeping the coast clean and beautiful.

Many people make a trip to the beach an all-day event which requires packing food and drinks for the crew. Unfortunately, some Florida beaches are left with empty cans, straws, and plastic bags (among other things) that definitely detract from the beauty of the Gulf Coast. Imagine pulling up to the beach on your own family vacation to find a sea of waste. Areas for trash are provided at each beach access to dispose of all your unwanted items at the end of your day.

Not only does disposing of trash help keep the area attractive, it protects our wildlife. Seagulls are often looking for scraps and attempt to eat anything they find on the beach. Plastic bags have caused many marine animal deaths including turtles who mistake them for jellyfish. Even fruit rinds from oranges or limes can cause them to choke so these are better off thrown away.

Everyone loves to make a traditional sand castle on their family vacation. Remember during the process to fill any holes you have dug before you leave for the day. This can harm sea turtles trying to make their way to the water when they can’t get out as well as anyone walking by that might step in it by accident.

We know the sand dunes are a great backdrop for photos but let them only be a backdrop. Walking on these dunes is prohibited as it can destroy vegetation. These also act as barriers to wind and waves, protecting homes and businesses so they need our help to be preserved.

These are just a few ways you can help keep your favorite vacation spot your favorite place. So before your crew heads back to their 30-A condos or Seagrove Beach home, check around your beach site and try to leave it even better than when you came. Everyone can do their part in keeping our beaches clean and safe.