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Organic Shopping on 30A

Posted on Thursday, October 26, 2017

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When you are on vacation, it can be hard to bring all your healthy staples with you that you’re used to. You’re also ready to relax so making a multi-ingredient smoothie or breakfast shake each day can seem unappealing. You’re in luck! There are plenty of places in the 30A area to get the pick-me-up you need.

For the Health of It is located in Blue Mountain Beach close to 30A vacation rentals and is a one-stop-shop for everything organic. You purchase your own products, groceries, and supplements or take advantage of the Juice and Smoothie Bar. Choose from fresh, made to order juices with all your favorite ingredients, healthy shots (like wheatgrass!), or 1 of 17 smoothies. If you’re in a hurry, call ahead and have your drink waiting for pick up. They also offer massages in their massage therapy clinic so you can leave feeling extra great.

If you’re taking a stroll in the charming area of Seaside, stop by one of the popular airstream restaurants like Raw & Juicy and enjoy a fresh organic salad, juices, protein shakes, and more. Barefoot BBQ is open 7 days a week and offers amazing organic BBQ options. There is a Farmers Market each Saturday as well in Seaside where you can pick up your own local produce. 

The more people realize the benefits of organic shopping, the more available it is becoming. Publix has a great selection of organic products and now offers free delivery! Put everything from your grocery list in your online shopping cart and someone will bring it right to your home. Organic foods are good for you, for the environment, and even taste better! If you were worried about keeping up your healthy routine while on vacation, you can relax. These are some of our favorite places but there are many more.