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Time for Family Photos

Posted on Wednesday, December 7, 2016


This time of year, families reunite and spend the winter season reminiscing while making new memories. Since it may be rare to have everyone all together in one place, it’s a great time for family photos. If you’re still looking for the perfect shot to grace the cover of this year’s Christmas card, we’re going to tell you some great spots for a family photo shoot.

Obviously, the beaches along the Emerald Coast are among the top in the world as the soft white sand and blue-green waters are stunning. Just before sun sets, the dim sky and calm beach makes an ideal background for the family. Ed Walline Park is one of the least crowded beaches and has a boardwalk as well as steep dunes to set up in front of.

Eden Gardens State Park is off the beaten path but is a popular place for capturing special moments. Beautiful trees with long, hanging limbs and flowy leaves are scattered among the park with a historical home in the center. The fountains and lake are also favorite areas for photos.

30Avenue is fairly new and is a gorgeous area for a stroll in the evening, a bike ride, and yes: family photos! The streets are paved with bricks with big palm trees lining the path and fountains in the middle. You can even find horse carriages moving along making it feel like you’re not on 30A anymore. You can sprawl out in the grass and have the family pet in front for that perfect holiday greeting card.

These are a few of our favorite spots around town. Pick your favorite and before that shutter sound, think of what makes you happiest and give a big smile.