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Healthy through the Holidays on 30A

Posted on Thursday, December 8, 2016

Paddle Boarder

The holidays are a time to eat, drink and be merry. Our social little beach towns of 30A take this to heart. We love our outdoor festivals, our coastal cuisine, our wine and our local breweries. However, being a beach town also means we want to stay healthy and keep fit. Here are 2 simple tips to keep you healthy through the holidays.

#1 Exercise

It’s easy to get into holiday mode and feel tempted to skip out on exercise. Now, however is not the time to skimp on workouts! With bike paths, walks on the beach, water sports and indoor fitness centers along 30A, we really have no excuse. Why not try something new?  

Rent Hydrobikes and cruise through the bay at Grayton Beach, practice Yoga on a stand up paddle board on the beaches of Santa Rosa or shake it with a friend in Zumba at the Sandestin Fitness Center. Workouts that you look forward to will take priority and holiday mode will stay in its place. You will not only stay healthy and keep off unwanted weight; the endorphins you create will ward off any holiday stress that might come your way. 

#2 Diet

I know we hate that 4 letter word, but the truth of the matter is we need to be conscientious of what we eat. Especially during the holidays when pumpkin pie and spiked egg nog is coming at us from every corner. We are not saying you can’t splurge on delicacies that represent this time of year. Being balanced in what we consume is really the key.  

Making a decision ahead of time on what and where we will be eating can help eliminate overindulging on the wrong type of food. Suggestion: plan a menu that has plenty of healthy options as well as the traditional fare. That way you can still enjoy a small portion of holiday fare without over doing it.  When eating out there are plenty of restaurants along 30A that offer lighter and healthier cuisine without compromising flavor.  

When it comes to the holidays, what matters most is family and friends. Whether you’re spending the holidays in a 30A rental or at your home in South Walton take advantage of all the healthy options 30A has to offer.