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5 Steps to Carving the Perfect Coastal Pumpkin

Posted on Wednesday, October 26, 2016

coastal pumpkins

Fall is finally here. The weather is getting cooler and the holidays are getting closer. It’s tradition this time of year to pick a pumpkin to design and display proudly. Compliment your 30a beach town home with these 5 easy steps to carving the perfect coastal pumpkin. 

Step 1 Picking Your Pumpkin

When picking your pumpkin you must first have in mind the design you will use. This will help you pick the pumpkin that will best fit your plan. Choose one with a smooth surface and clean it with a damp cloth.

Step 2 Cutting and Scooping 

Before you cut your pumpkin decide what type of lighting you will be using. You can cut from the top if using a traditional candle or battery operated candles but if wires need to be hidden cutting from the bottom would be best. Scoop out the seeds and fibrous flesh with a serrated spoon or plaster scraper.

Step 3 Design and Decorate 

This is where you get creative. Sketch your coastal design on paper or right on the pumpkin. You can also print a template out of your design and tape it to the pumpkin. Starfish, sailboat, dolphin, anchor, crab and a sunset over the sea are just a few ideas that you can carve into your pumpkin. Keep it simple or jazz it up depending on how good you are at staying in the lines.

Step 4 Prepare to Carve 

With a sharp knife or miniature saw trace your pattern. Taking your time is extremely important.  This is your most important step. If you’d really like to get creative with design you can find pumpkin carving tools at your local craft store. You’re coastal pumpkin is ready to shine! 

Step 5 Lights and Layout

The best and safest way to light a pumpkin is using battery operated candles. This alleviates the need to hide cords or cut additional holes for ventilation. Ones with a remote control will allow you to turn off the candles when unattended without disrupting the display.

Place your pumpkin in a visible spot on a bed of seashells, fish net or both. Getting creative with your display is easy when using the natural surroundings of 30a. Whether you live on the beaches of South Walton or spending the holidays in a 30a rental creating a coastal pumpkin is a great way to celebrate fall and the beauty of our beach town.